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Unique parts of Econa garden design
with key designer: Joy Yang

Econa gardens can be:

  • Therapeutic/healing gardens for hospitals, nursing homes.
  • Health gardens for corporations, schools, communities, and residential homes. 
  • Econa garden also serves as multi-purpose outdoor places for various activities, attracting people to enjoy nature, and providing maximum health benefits for people’s mind and body.

Customer-Centric during the Econa garden design process:

Unlike common landscape design processes that focus on the site itself without much consideration of the users, in Econa garden, we take users into account during the whole design process:

  • Before the design, we analyze users’ health condition to decide what is needed to rebalance and to create a harmony inside human body based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
  • During the design process, we generate designs around users’ health conditions for the creation of a dynamic balanced ecosystem.
  • After the design, we provide users’ guideline on how to maximize the benefits by interacting with the garden.

Unique design package:

Because Econa gardens are interactive with people, as part of the whole design package, we provide user’s guidelines to maximize the health benefits and healing results.
All the user's guidelines are different because the user's guidelines are based on individual garden designs and specific users. We provide the outdoor exercises plan (e.g. Taiji, BaDuanjin), ideas of various activities, and how to use herbs/plants, facilities (e.g. reflexology path, Zen river, meditation garden) in individual garden.

High Quality images and 3D model:

Our design will be presented by visualized images from professional image company. (See the examples) 
We can also provide 3D model based on request.





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