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An Example

In this system, every part is related to another by the movement of Qi. A human being’s internal organs, five senses, emotions, and the attributes of the garden, like the colors, spaces, seasons, smells, day and night, time and space all work together. 

One movement or change in any part will cause change in the whole system. In this way it is like the conception of an ecosystem that can adjust and seek to rebalance by itself. If one part of the system has a problem, the whole ecosystem will change automatically to seek a new equilibrium. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine treats illnesses by recognizing the interaction of the components of the system and responding in a manner that uses the self-adjusting ability of the system, allowing the human system to regain the balance and thus become well. So, the whole system and each part would be in yin yang balance again.

The significant part in the design framework is to put the user into the design considerations so that they can have dynamic interactive relationships. The inner circle in this diagram is unique in this design, and it is based on TCM , for example, the plants chosen for therapeutic purpose.





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