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Differences between the Econa Garden and other healing gardens

Econa Garden   Other Healing Gardens



It’s a holistic approach system. Everything is
interacting with everything else. One movement or change of any part will cause change in the whole system. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, using nature to treat human problems, both emotional and physical. (See Methodology)
Each design feature or element is based on one thing: the restorative value of nature. The relationship among features or elements is not important from a therapeutic point. Theories used to guide design are from scattered sources, borrowing from disciplines such as behavior science and environment design. It is not systemic, but a mechanical combination.
Time/Seasons Design consideration of time/seasons is based on health and healing purposes.   Design consideration is often limited to the
plant selection for seasonal change and view.
Users’ eomtions Affect design of the garden directly   No direct affect on the garden design
Plant Choice Chosen based on their therapeutic function in terms of type, color, and aroma   No specific therapeutic basis for selection
Color Choice Chosen for therapeutic function based on five-elements theory and connection to patient’s internal organs and emotions   No specific therapeutic basis for selection
Space Arrangement Sizes, directions, sun/shade, are chosen for
therapeutic purposes based on five-elements theory and connection to user’s internal organs and emotions
  To provide private and social spaces
Activities in Garden Activities selected and arranged based on
therapeutic value
  To provide variety in sunny and shady places. Based on behavioral psychology, usually not a relationship with other parts of the garden
Therapeutic Value Besides its natural restoration, it can also actively adjust human’s imbalanced body/emotion into its balanced state   Relies solely on natural restoration

























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