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TaiJi or Meditation Garden/Outroom


Based on YIYang symbol, it has two circles, one is Yin (with the tree as a roof), and another one is Yang. The "wall" is made by burning brushes. There is a water fountain under the tree and the sound of the water creates a quiet and tranquil atmosphere. There are six different bonsais (Bonsai represented the miniature nature.). A person can rearrange or replace them in the way they like. By doing this, the "users" are involved into the garden design, which gives the person a feeling of "control". (Based on research, if a person has more controling in his/her situation, the less stress or frustration he/she will have.)

From TCM point of view, the Qi’s movement needs to match the rhythm of nature to keep a person healthy. In autumn, burning bushes will turn to bright red color, which would bring totally different feelings/atmosphere when a person is inside. While a person is practicing Taiji or meditation, his/her Qi's movement would easily follow the changing of nature as the enjoy the beautiful feelings.




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